Dialog of Cultures and Civilizations

The bigger half of human history is occupied by the epoch of the primitiveness connected to such global processes, as the appearance of a person (anthropogenesis) and a human society (sociogenesis). These events of an universal value began approximately 2,5-1,7 million years ago and finished within 40-30 thousand years ago.

In science it is stated that processes of anthropogenesis and sociogenesis occurred in the limited territory of the Earth, in the eastern and southern regions of Africa and in the Euroasian continent. The period of time when these responsible processes took place, it is used to call in archeology the epoch of the ancient Stone Age (Paleolithic Age). Paleolithic Age is divided into the most ancient, ancient, middle and late stages. Within the early Paleolithic Age (2 million - 150 thousand years ago) the process of forming the early ancient type of a man whose appearance was similar to the monkey’s features. Remains of them have been found in Southeast Asia (the Pithecanthrope), in Eastern Asia (Cinanthrope or “the Chinese person"), in Europe (the Heidelberg person).

In the middle Paleolithic Age (in classical archeology it refers to the early Paleolithic Age) the ancient Neanderthal person having been living for rather long time, appeared approximately 150-40 thousand years ago. In the physiological structure of this ancient thickset, very strong person features of the "forming" person were still preserved.