There have been traces of a man in the North since ancient times. In the interglacial period, some human groups began settling down outside their original range. Pebble tools similar to ancient African ones have been discovered in Yakutia (Diring site). In the late Paleolithic (25,000-30,000 years ago), man reached the subpolar zone (sites Byzovaya and Berelekh), and at the end of the glacial period he appeared in North America.

1. The Khabarovsk Local History Museum named after N.I.Grodekova was opened on April 19th, in 1894 by the initiative of the Amur department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.
Local history museum is a member of the Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums and a member of the presidium of the Museums Union of Russia.
The collection of the Khabarovsk local history museum makes up about 300 thousand stock-keeping units. Annually the museum is visited by above 160 000 people, here about 3 000 excursions, lectures, museum classes are carried out, 11 mobile exhibitions are functioning.
2. Museums-partners from Japan
• Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples. The curator is Titsinosiki Sumi
• The Director of the Museum of Archeology is dr. Kenviuiro Kosida.
• The Historical Museum of the Hokkaido University. The curator on anthropology and folklore is prof. Takao Ikeda.
• The Hokkaido University (c.Sapporo). The pro-rectors on scientific work, prof. Yashi Tadauki, the dean of the philological faculty prof. Tsuneko Mochizuki, the director of the centre of Ainus people and researches of indigenous peoples, prof., dr. of Jurisprudence Teruko Chutemoto, vice directors of the museum of Ainus at the university, prof. Tetsua Amano and prof. Yamasaki Kouu. Shirou Tatsuzava, the assistant of the professor of the centre of regional researches of Hokkaido University and Sayuri Aekhara, the employee of this university.
• The Slavonic Research Centre of Hokkaido University, dr. Kiama Katsuhiko and the famous scientist, the researcher of Russia, prof. A.Avashita.
• have visited the Museum of Northern Peoples (city Abashiri) also communicated with curators Rejko Saito and other employees. The interpreter is Hariu Jukiko
• The Ainus Open-air Museum (city Siraoj). The founder of the museum Masahiro Nomoto, curators Chiori Noto, Jairoto Kitahara, Ainus people, working in the studios of the museum, and city dwellers Siraoj.